Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wii Have a What?!

You wouldn't know it based on our usage over the past 6 months or longer, but we have a Wii gaming system.  I probably haven't played with it for almost a year.  Maybe not quite that long, but I don't remember playing it much while I was pregnant.  Uncas used to play football a lot on it before a certain someone showed up.  And then suddenly out of the blue last night after we had eaten dinner, I said to Uncas "Let's play some Wii!"

And we did!

First we played a few games of bowling (I won the first one and my very first ball I got a strike!!  Uncas proceeded to win the second and third games).  Then we decided to make a Mii* for Eddie (picture a short, fat, bald character smiling).  And then Uncas decided he wanted to play tennis with Eddie.  After watching a few games, I decided that I would play tennis with him - we like to play couples against the computer.  I picked the Sammy Mii as my player (don't make fun of us - we made a Mii for our dog - so?!) 

We had a lot of fun, although I was so tired - and that was playing tennis sitting down (the dog was cuddling with me - I couldn't get up!)  It reminded me of how much fun it was to play with the Wii.  I hope we do it again soon!

* for those of you who don't know, a Mii is a character that you create and use to play games on the Wii. 

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