Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photos - Upstairs Improvements

Before I put the link to the pictures of our newly improved bathroom (and upstairs), here is a "before" picture.
Click here to see the after pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, today Uncas and I went to the Twins game. It's their last game of the regular season. It was a fun game - they lead the whole time and scored 6 runs. We have to wait and see if the White Sox win tomorrow. If they lose - the Twins go to the play-offs. If the Sox win, the two teams will have to play one game on Tuesday to determine who goes to the playoffs.
Uncas and I in our new Twins shirts.

No post can be complete without a cute picture of Sammy.

Behind on the Updates

It's been a long, slow week, and I know that I am behind on updating my blog. Last weekend Uncas and I finished up working on the upstairs of our house. I haven't posted much about it because his mom was coming to stay with us this week, and we wanted it to be a surprise. We repainted the bathroom, replaced the medicine cabinet, added a shelf and small cabinet. I have pictures on my camera, but the dog's on my lap sleeping and God forbid I move and disturb him! I promise to post later this week (or possibly later tonight). We also finished up the guest room by adding a small night stand and a new Roman shade. Uncas organized his office and hung some pictures and I unpacked books in my office. It looks so great up there now. It was fun showing off our hard work.

The rest of the week has been comsumed by work - Blah. Things are super busy, but I don't like talking about work on my blog, so enough about that!

This weekend is proving to be a lot of fun. Friday night we just hung out at home. I caught up on my tv shows while Uncas played his new computer game. Yesterday we hung out and didn't do much during the day. Last night we got together with Josh and Jaron. Josh made chili and cornbread and I brought over apple crisp with caramel sauce. Yummy food for a fall night. After dinner we headed out to bowl! It was a lot of fun and I surprisingly didn't do too terrible. Jaron was the best bowler in the group, but Uncas rocked the last game!

Today we are going to the Twins game. They are currently in first place and need to win today! If they win and the White Sox lose, then the Twins will go to play-offs. It's going to be lots of fun. I even went out yesterday and bought Uncas and myself Twins shirts! And on that note, I need to get the laundry - it's done and you will note that I will move the dog for that! :-)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurray for the Cubs!!!

Today the Cubs clinched the National League Central Division - they are off to the play-offs! Hurray!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tiny Cubs Fan

The Magic Number is now 4! Go Cubs Go! Little Saffron is cheering them on to victory! If the Cubs win tonight, my dad and brother will be at the game tomorrow and hopefully they will clinch the division!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Emergency Trip to the Vet

The whole time I have known Uncas, neither of us has had to make an emergency trip to the doctor or hospital (knock on wood!). Yesterday, however, I ended up taking Sammy to the vet unexpectedly.

I came home as usual over lunch to let him out. We played outside for awhile and he was pretty energetic. I went inside to put my lunch plate away and get a treat ready for when I put him back in his kennel, when suddenly I heard this loud crying. Thinking that it couldn't be Sammy and ran to the backyard and found him laying in the middle of the yard, not moving and crying. I ran over, picked him up and brought him into the house. Gone was his energetic self and instead he was crying, barely moving, with his ears pulled back. He seriously looked distressed. I called Uncas to consult with him and and after waiting a few minutes, I called the vet and they had me bring him in.

Fortunately we live about 5 minutes away and they were able to examine him right away. I was sure he ate something that he shouldn't have (a screw?), but after the exam, they thought perhaps he was bit or stung by something. They offered to keep him for the rest of the afternoon to monitor him. I gladly took the offer because I needed to get back to work, at the very least to pick up Uncas! So, with a quick pat, he was off to stay in the back room.

Uncas and I picked him up after work and apparently he was just fine. He never did swell up or anything (thank goodness) and while his demeanor was slightly subdued last night, there appear to be no lasting effects. Who knows what happened to him and he's not talking!

Here are some pictures we took of Sammy this week - they are of him sleeping/laying on the couch:

He looks happy here, cause he is in one of his favorite spots - laying next to daddy's computer that shoots out plenty of warm air on him! See his smile?

I was goofing around with the camera and thought I would take a close up picture!

I wasn't feeling well on Sunday and he seemed to know it, so he just stayed with me on the couch and cuddled for most of the. What a good pal!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pictures of Our Day with Saffron

We had such a fun day yesterday meeting Saffron. We left The Cities early in the morning and drove to Madison. We were the first to arrive and Saffron was finishing up some lunch. But as soon as she finished, I got to hold her. She is cuter in person than in the pictures! And she is so very sweet too! The night before, she slept from 11:30-5:00 am, so Jeanna and Derek were fairly rested. Later on my parents arrived with my grandma and we all stayed for dinner too. My aunt, uncle and two cousins also stopped by to meet Saffron. She was so good even as we took turns holding her and passing her around.

Tina and Snoopy have been doing fairly well adjusting to having Saffron around the house. Tina is a protective older sister and just loves licking and looking at Saffron. When Derek asks her "Where's Saffron?", Tina will run around the room, hop up to look in the bassinet and then finally find her in Jeanna's arms eating. It's so cute. Apparently, she also will get up a number of times during the night and go over to the bassinet to check on Saffron as well. Snoopy isn't quite as enthralled by her . . .but he still seems to be adjusting. Both dogs enjoyed having Sammy over and they spent a lot of time running around outside.

We drove home early evening and fortunately the drive was very uneventful. Not much traffic and a very tired out little puppy made for a peaceful ride. I took a lot pictures of little Saffron. Here them out!

My mom also took some pictures. Some are very similar, but can you really have too many of a new baby?!

Today we had a very lazy Sunday. I mean, VERY lazy. I didn't leave the couch very much and basically spent the whole morning cuddling the puppy. He seemed to know that I was tired and just need to rest with him. My dear Uncas was very sweet, buying me donuts and juice, taking the puppy out, cleaning up the kitchen and removing a dead bunny from our yard. I did manage to take the puppy for a walk later today, but that's about it. Now I am alternating watching the Bears game (let's hope at least one team from Chicago wins today!) and the MTV VMA's. I am officially too old because I am bored to tears by the awards show and there are people that I have no idea who they are and I am unfamiliar with many of the songs . . . the best part for me is seeing Travis Barker playing drums in the house band (which apparently a band consists of a DJ and a drummer - who knew?!)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Meeting Saffron!

We got home a little over an hour ago from meeting Saffron today. What a cutie! She is such a good baby and Derek and Jeanna are excellent parents. It was so much fun to see them, Grandpa Ron, Grandma Jo, Great-Grandma Vi, Uncle Dale, Aunt Margit, and Cousins Doug and Brad. I am exhausted, as is our puppy Sammy who have a fun time playing with Tina and Snoopy. I will post more pictures tomorrow!
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