Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Abbie and Mike's Wedding

This past weekend Uncas's little sister, Abbie got married to Mike. The wedding took place on the shores of Lake Superior in Two Harbors, MN. It was a beautiful day for a wedding. We had a fabulous time hanging out with family. You can see all the pictures here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Break

I always loved the summertime when I was in school. It meant warm weather, daylight until after 8 pm and no homework. Lately I have been feeling very unmotivated to blog. In fact, I didn't even take one single picture this weekend.

So, I have decided to give myself a little break from the blog and hopefully some time off from the computer. With the nice weather and longer daylight hours, I want to be spending more time outside in the yard - doing yard work, playing with the puppy, etc. Lately I feel like I have been getting sucked into the computer, wasting countless hours on nothing very important. And because I haven't been blogging, I have been feeling guilty about it, which seems a little silly.

I am just going to take a two month break. I figure by August 1st I will be ready to be back. I might still post a picture or two every now and then as we do have a few big events this summer (wedding, a couple of receptions, and a cute puppy dog), but as for the regular what I have been up to posts - you'll just have to follow me on Twitter or FaceBook. Have a great summer and see you in August!