Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey Everyone - I am back!

I have to say that while I have quite enjoyed my break from blogging, I was really looking forward to getting back to it. I have for a while, but decided that I would keep to the August 1 date that I originally set.

I hope everyone has had a good summer. We sure have. It's been a busy, but very fun. And of course some exciting changes.

First a brief recap of our summer so far . . .

June went by very, very fast!  First up was Reid's sister's wedding in Duluth.  I did actually post pictures of the happy day.  Next, was my 32nd birthday.  For the most part it was a low key day.  We had a plumber over because we were starting work on redoing our bathroom.  My b-day present from Reid was a shopping spree, so shopping we did for the rest of the weekend.  My dear husband also organized a group of friends to meet us out the following night for drinks and fun .

The following weekend, my awesome father-in-law came down from Duluth to help Reid redo our bathroom.  While he was here, they installed a fan, added an outlet,  added new tile, installed a new light fixture,a new medicine cabinet and a new vanity!  I love my new bathroom!

To make things more exciting that weekend, my brother Derek, his wife Jeanna and their baby Saffy stopped to visit us on their way home from vacationing in northern MN for a week.  We hadn't seen them since Easter, so we really enjoyed seeing them and the dogs for a little bit.  Saffy enjoyed showing off how well she could pull herself up to the standing position.  I was bummed their visit couldn't be longer, but I know they were anxious to get home.  Here are some pictures from their visit.

Next up was 4th of July!  This year we stuck around the house and had some friends over to celebrate the 4th.  We even walked over to the Richfield fireworks which were pretty great.  I did not have my camera around at all that weekend, so you'll have to make up pictures in your head.

We had a weekend break and then started the wedding receptions in July.  First up - Abbie's.  Fortunately the weather held out for us and there wasn't any rain.  I didn't take too many pictures, but I got the most important ones - the pig that was roasted and the cake!

Last weekend we traveled south for Derek and Jeanna's reception.  The weather was fabulous that day!  It was great to see so many family members and to meet a bunch of Jeanna's family.  I did actually remember to carry my camera around with me for a bit.  There up to 7 dogs around at one point, so of course Sammy was in heaven playing and playing.  I really enjoyed meeting my aunt and uncle's new puppy Charlie.  He gave Sammy a taste of his medicine by bugging and bugging Sammy for a change!  Check out all the pictures that I took here.

On Sunday we stopped by Reid's aunt and uncle's house.  They live pretty close to my parents, but out in the country on lots of acres.  I just loved their house so much!  It is super gorgeous and their property is even better!  After the tour of the house and a tasty lunch, they took us on a little tour around some of their property.  We went down by a pond (that has fish, so Reid was in love!)  Sammy was having the time of his life exploring all over the place.  I sadly did not think to take any pictures :-(  Next time we go visit, we will for sure!

So that brings us up to this weekend.  That was all the busy and fun stuff.  Now on to the changes . . .

After today, I have exactly 9.5 days left of work.  In late June I gave my notice to quit my job this fall to go back to school full time.  I have been quite unhappy with the department that I was working in and decided that working in an office was just not for me any more.  I have decided to purpose my love of working with little kids.  So I will be going back to school to be licensured in Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Ed.  This fall I will be taking two prereqs and applying to get into the program.  This past Wednesday I took the Praxis 1 exam which I need to pass before I can start taking classes in the program.

I am really excited about this change, but also a little nervous.  It's been a long time since I have been in school and the thought of taking tests and writing papers sort of freaks me out.  But at the same time I am really excited to take classes that I am interested in.

My last day of work is August 14.  I will have some time off before I start school (which will be after Labor Day).  I have some fun things planned for my time off.  In fact, I can't remember when the last time was that I had this much time off. 

I do want to mention that I feel very grateful and fortunate that I have a wonderful husband who is being incredibly supportive of me.  Since the first day I mentioned that I wanted to do this, he has done nothing but encourage me.  This week he really helped out around the house while I studied for my test.  I know that without him, this would not be possible!!

So - if anyone made it this far down - that's what's going on with us!  I am back and hope to post maybe not quite daily, but at least a few times week!