Monday, August 23, 2010

Busy, Busy!

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 It's been a busy couple of days visiting lots of family.  Eddie has been doing great despite the fact that he hadn't been able to take very long naps. 

Saturday we started out by taking a ride on the little train in my parent's town.  It's a little tiny train for children (and their parents).  We were the only people on it when we stopped by.  I think Eddie will enjoy it more next summer, but I am glad we took him.

Saturday we also went and saw Uncle Derek and Aunt Jeanna's new house.  Eddie played with Saffron and took a nap in the new baby's room.  Sammy also enjoyed the trip because he got to play with Tina and Snoopy.

Sunday we headed over to visit Uncas's Aunt Debbie.  She has a beautiful house close to my parents.  Sammy really enjoyed running around out in the country while we visited with Debbie.  And from there we went straight to Great Grandma's where Aunt Margit, Uncle Dale, and cousins Brad, Doug and Kevin were also visiting too!  So much family in one day.  Eddie enjoyed playing with everyone - in particular reaching for cousin Brad's nose!

All the visiting did start catching up with little Eddie.  When we got home, he slept for a couple of hours.  We woke him up, played with him, fed him, gave him a bath and then Grandma put him back to bed.  He basically slept through the night, but this morning by 5:15 am, he was ready to go!

Today is a hang around the house day.  Grandma's working a half day, so we are just going to relax this morning.  Later some friends are coming over for dinner and to meet Eddie (of course).  We are also hoping to visit the pool this afternoon. 

I haven't downloaded my pictures yet, but here are a few from my mom's camera so far.
Riding the little train in Fennimore

Eddie and Saffron checking each other out

Eddie playing with Uncle Derek

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