Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend with Grandma N

This weekend Grandma Nimz had a workshop down in the Cities, so she stayed with us.  She was here Thursday night through Sunday morning.  Saturday night she generously offered to baby-sit in exchange for staying at our house.  Uncas and I gladly accepted the offer, and went to dinner and saw the movie Robin Hood.  We really enjoyed our date night and Eddie enjoyed his time with Grandma.  He gave her lots of smiles and showed her how well he could move his arms and legs.

 Grandma with Eddie and Sammy

 Grandma, Daddy and Eddie

 Grandma and Eddie

In other weekend news - I finally got some flowers planted in and around my yard!  Uncas also managed to get out and enjoy the fishing opener weekend today.  He didn't catch anything, but his new outboard motor worked great.  He figures in two years Eddie will be able to join him fishing!  I also made my second rhubarb pie of the season from fresh rhubarb that Grandma brought us.  All in all, it was an excellent weekend.  
Here are some other pictures that I took from this weekend.

 All my boys hanging out on the couch

 Big Smile!

Daddy and Sammy cuddling

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Kellys said...

Looks like it was a good weekend! I am glad you and Uncas were able to get out for a date. That is so important. LOVE the picture of Eddie smiling. He looks like a pretty happy baby.