Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Road Trip!

This past weekend we traveled to northern WI to visit Uncas's grandma and to introduce her to Eddie.  It was a quick trip - we left on Saturday morning and we returned by Sunday evening (hey, we had Lost to watch!)  Eddie did fabulous in the car - it was about a 4 1/2 hour drive, although with stops it was closer to 6 hours.  In terms of a first trip with baby in tow, it really went smoothly.  It helped to have the two of us - one on dog duty and one on baby duty.  With the dog, we were unable to go into a restaurant together, but Grandma P. was just as happy to see and to play with Sammy!  In fact, on the way home, we stopped at gas station/fast food place that had picnic tables, so we didn't even have to eat in the car!

Great Grandma loved meeting her first great grandson!  She was in love with his big smiles that he gave her.  Here are some pictures of our time with Great-Grandma P!

 Grandma and Sammy

 Eddie telling Great Grandma about the car ride

 Playing with Great Grandma

 I love this picture of the two of them!

Grandma with the boys!

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JoAnne said...

What wonderful pictures and memories of your trip last weekend. Eddie is going to be one well traveled little boy!