Friday, May 14, 2010

Two Month Check-up

Yesterday Eddie had his 2 month check-up!  He is currently 11 lbs. 12 oz. and 23 inches long!  He's in the 59th and 60th percentile, which is great - he is right on.  The pediatrician was impressed with how well he holds his head, how much he responds and smiles, and how well he reaches and follows objects. 

He started getting his vaccinations as well yesterday, and he did great.  While he did cry, I have seen him cry harder and longer when I have tried burping him before.  I didn't shed any tears which is pretty impressive considering how sensitive I am.  The whole thing was over with before I knew it, and a minute later as I started to get him dressed, he was all smiles!  Last night he was a bit fussier than normal.  We discovered that the cloth diapers actually hit his leg where at least of the shots was injected, so we switched to disposables and gave him a bath (which does wonders for his fussiness) and he was fine.  When he got up at 3 am for his feeding, he was all smiles!  Today he hasn't been any fussier than normal, so I am pretty relieved that there were minimal side affects to his first shots!

Probably the best thing the doctor said at the appointment was directed at me.  I had to go on some antibiotics which did not agree with Eddie a few weeks ago.  The first one I tried resulted in a trip the pediatrician to find out what was wrong with Eddie.  We determined it was the antibiotics, so I ended up switching antibiotics only to have them also not agree with Eddie.  I wasn't ready to quit nursing him, so for 7 days I pumped and dumped my milk supply while we switched Eddie to formula.  After 7 days I started nursing again and fortunately he took right back to it like it was nothing! 

When I told the pediatrician what we ended up doing, she was shocked and said "Wow, you must be really committed - that is wonderful!"  I am not going to lie - it was the hardest week to date.  Trying to find the time to pump when I was home by myself was so difficult, but somehow, some way, we made it through.  I wanted to quit so many times, but for some reason I didn't and now I am so glad that I stuck with it.  To hear the pediatrician say that to me made me feel like the best mom in the world!

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Ella said...

Way to go mama, that does show a lot of commitment - MANY MANY women would have quit nursing after that week!