Sunday, March 1, 2009


This weekend Sammy and I drove 600 + miles to WI and back to visit my neice (her parents too), my grandma, and my parents.  It was a wonderful weekend - the weather couldn't have been nicer.  There was lots of sun and the roads were clear from the snowstorm on Thursday.  I am super tired tonight (Sammy is too), but I wanted to share a couple of pictures because my neice is so darn cute!

Enjoying some cereal (the dogs also enjoy licking the extra cereal off her face.)


Mommy giving Saffy some love!
Daddy and Saffy hanging on the couch.

Cutest Cubs Fan!
While Sammy and I were out visiting, once again Uncas tackled a kitchen project.  This time I knew about it, so it wasn't a surprise.  He sanded, primed and painted the kitchen cabinets white.  They look fabulous!  We need to pick out some new hardware which is the project for next weekend.  When it's complete I will be sure to post pictures. 


LisaD said...

OMG - I LOVE the picture of Saffy and Jeanna - what an adorable smile she's got plastered on her little face!

Jeanna said...

Summer....Thank you so much for coming to see us this weekend. The dogs are still exhausted. I can't for for Easter to come and we can see you again.

Thank you so much for the cute outfit, Saffron will be the cutest cubs fan at the stadium. :)

Ella said...

She is such a cutie!!!