Saturday, March 7, 2009

Problem Solved!

One way to prevent me from smashing my nose on the towel rack is to take it out. And that's just what Uncas did this weekend. I sweet-talked him into taking it down, since he had to replace the soap dish in the shower anyways. And the replacement titles cost a total of thirty-two cents. We haven't been able to shower since yesterday morning, but at least I know Monday morning's shower will be free of fear!

The rest of this weekend has been spent finishing up the kitchen cabinets. Uncas is hanging them as I type this. He is nearly done, and hopefully the electric drill will have enough power juice to make it until he is done. I probably won't post pictures until later this week, but trust me when I say that it looks fabulous. Uncas has done a great job. I helped just a little with some painting today, but it's pretty much been his project.

To thank him for his hard work, I made him homemade raspberry muffins this moring, a roast dinner tonight and for dessert - brownies with a pecan, caramel and white chocolate layer. Everything was pretty tasty and I even did all the clean-up (including the mess he made in the bathroom from the retiling - but that was part of the deal).

The weather was great here this weekend. A little cool and overcast, but the roads were dry enough that I took Sammy for a walk on Friday, Saturday and today. If there is snow on the roads, he won't walk. But thanks to the warm weather this week, it was pretty much melted. On Friday night when we came up to some puddles, he would be sure to walk about 10 feet away from them. It was pretty entertaining.

And while I am not looking forward to the dark mornings for the next few weeks, I am looking forward to the light skies at night. Now I better go encourage my husband as he hangs the last of the doors!

I wasn't going to post pictures tonight, but then I decided to after all. Here is a before picture. It's from the first weekend that we moved into our house. It's to remind you of how dark the kitchen was before.
Here are the after with some paint and new lights:


LisaD said...

Holy cow what a huge difference!!! Nice work Uncas!!!

ron said...

Great job Unc! This project probably saved your life by keeping you off the thin ice.

Kellys said...

Looks awesome!