Monday, March 2, 2009

More Weekend Pictures

I am not a fan of Monday. Surprisingly it's been a pretty fast day. I ran home over lunch to check on Sammy. We don't have any cabinet doors on in our kitchen and I was hoping the paint fumes weren't bothering him. Fortunately we put a window fan in the dining room and set it to exhaust. It seems to be airing out the house quite nicely. Perhaps we'll get the hardware purchased this weekend and then I can post kitchen pictures. It sure looks nice and bright in there with the cabinets re-painted.

I also waited to take pictures of my parent's kitchen. They repainted the walls, but their new counter and sink weren't installed yet, so I held off. We'll be going there for Easter, so I will take pics then.

And finally - speaking of pics. Here is the link to all the pictures that I took this weekend.

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