Friday, March 13, 2009

Slippers 0, Sammy 2

This afternoon when I got home from work, we did the usual drill. We opened the door and too Sammy outside. As usual, I stood out there for a minute before I declared that I was cold and going in. Uncas then stays outside with Sammy for a bit. As I came in today, I walked through the dining room and took down gate #1. We confine Sammy to the kitchen and dining room during the day. As I was making my way to the living room, I noticed it was strange that our camera was on the floor. I was trying to figure out how it got there, when I looked up and into the rest of the living room.

Oh! The first thing I saw was my slippers on the floor and one of them was clearly torn up. Also on the floor was a ball of yarn a complete mess, a torn up tissue and then on the couch a torn up receipt. Sammy brought part of his bed from the bedroom out to the living room (this time he did not unzip and take out the stuffing, which he has done many times before).

What I had forgotten to do this morning was put up gate #2 in the kitchen. What a grand old time Sammy must have had today. I called Uncas in to see the damage. Then it occurred to me "crap, he probably went upstairs!" Sure enough, he tried attacking the plant at the top of the stairs, dragged my straightener across the guest room floor and pulled out a quilt that Uncas's mom's made when Uncas was a child. Fortunately there was no damage done to those two items other than moving them.

Fortunately for us - it could have been much, much worse. He managed to chew up my right slipper again, so I have two left slippers - argh! But that was really the only thing of any worth that he got at. The last time I forgot to put the gate up, he didn't even notice. I bet I won't forget to put it up any time soon!

In other news, I did my first post to Twitter via my cell phone. I wasn't sure if it worked, but I just logged on now to see that it did!

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LisaD said...

OMG - what a little terror! I can't believe how much he got into!!