Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Out to Get Us!

You know what's out to get us?  Our bathroom!  Yes, you heard correctly.  Our downstairs bathroom is on the attack and it's not quite what you are thinking either. 

Last week Uncas was cleaning the bathroom.  I was in the living room on the phone when suddenly I heard a loud crash and the sound of something glass-like breaking.  I went running into the bathroom to see Uncas staring down in the bathtub.  Our soap dish that used to be attached to the wall, fell and broke in the bathtub.  The catch - Uncas didn't even touch it.  It just fell and fortunately Uncas wasn't in the way.

Fast forward to this morning.  I was taking a shower and bent over to replace the soap into it's spot.  Keep in mind that the soap dish hasn't been fixed yet and the soap's temporarily is housed in the corner ledge of the bathtub.  Now our bathroom has a towel rack in the shower.  Yes - attached to the wall opposite of the shower curtain.  I know it seems like it doesn't make any sense, but the previous owners didn't have a shower head in the bathroom.  They had a gross shower in the basement that we had taken out before we moved in.  So you see, the bathroom had never really been built to have a shower in it, but yet we rigged one up when we moved in. 

Anyhow - back to the scene this morning - as I was bending down to replace the soap in the corner, I managed to smash my nose on the stupid towel rack!  Screaming and crying and tears ensued!  Poor Uncas - first I woke him up because the dog was puking and then 10 minutes later I am hysterical in the shower.  Fortunately there was no blood, but my nose is killing me and I have had a headache all day long.

So - we think our bathroom is out to get us.  In fact, we are a little worried for Sammy that something might happen to him in there next.

Before I go, I need to post some pictures of the peanut butter torte that I made for the Oscar party.  I promised Lisa, so here you go.  The torte I made:

Here is a picture from the baking book ( I am frustrated with Blogger.  I had this picture turned, but it won't show up that way for me on the blog - what the heck?!:


LisaD said...

Evil shower! EVIL!!! Sorry you bruised your nose. :( B's folks also have towel bars in their 2nd bathroom shower, so I don't think that is weird! The torte looks great! Nice work!

Jeanna said...

YUMMY....Man just looking at that dessert made me gain 5 lbs.....my mouth is watering.....

Evil bathrooms must run in the family....ours is haunted with spiders

Jess said...

OH MY GOD! Whenever you need a break from the corporate world, I'll hook you up with the stylist I know and maybe you can become food stylists! That torte is nicer than the picture, you are amazing.