Saturday, March 14, 2009

Muffins, Cookies, and Pie - Oh My!

I was a busy little baker today.  I made some blackberry muffins and sugar cookies this morning.  Then later this evening I made a banana cream pie in honor of Pi Day. 

Check out the goods:
I have never eaten a banana cream pie before, so I tried a little piece tonight.  Turns out, I am not really much of a fan.  Oh well, I guess Uncas needs to eat this one himself.  I did quite enjoy the crust that I made with it.
Sammy and I have been on our own for most of the day because Uncas is off hanging with the guys.  We spent some quality time outside, but now he is cuddled up in my lap.  Earlier today I caught him trying to chew my clog!  That dog will not leave my foot apparel alone!  Here is a picture of his new toy that we bought him on Thursday night.  He managed to destroy it in less than an hour.

And here is a picture of him sitting sweetly.  Can you imagine that this cute little puppy can be so destructive?!


LisaD said...

Everything looks so yummy!!!!

ron said...

Hey it's PIE! As long as there's no meringue on it (or it's mince meat or pecan) it's good and good for you too.
At least you had pie. And, I've seen you dance . . . you can use the two left slippers.

Kellys said...

I LOVE that you made pie for Pi Day! I did, too! The cookies are green (for St. Patrick's Day?). Don't forget to skip work on the 17th - no one should work or go to school on St. Pat's.