Thursday, March 19, 2009

Won't be Shopping at Whole Foods Anytime Soon . . .

The headline on CNN said "Deadly Spider Found in Store" and of course it was a video. When I read the headline out loud, Uncas's comment was "I was hoping you wouldn't see that". I actually clicked on the link, thinking there would be a commercial before the actual story. So, I read underneath that it was at Whole Foods in Oklahoma (I had to know where this spider was found) and when I glanced at the video, I saw the damn spider. It was huge and I screamed, and nearly dropped my laptop off my lap and then Sammy starting attacking me. I had to have Uncas change the webpage because I was freaking out.

One of my big pet peeves is when CNN just has a video. Sometime I don't want to watch a video (read that sometimes as almost always) because when I am at work, I just want to be able to read articles. All I wanted to know is where they found the damn spider so I can avoid it like the plague!

Also - this week I finally got over my fear of buying grapes. Two years ago a woman found a black widow spider in a bag of grapes that she bought at Cub Foods here in Minneapolis. Yup - it has taken me that long to buy grapes again and I still probably won't make it a habit.

Can someone watcht the video and tell me what fruit specifically they found the spider in? Oh - nevermind - Uncas just did and it was walking around the bananas. I started sweating just listening to the video! And Dad - this does not mean that funny spider pictures should be sent to me! I am serious!!!


uncas said...

Sammy and I would like to attest to the scream. I think Sammy said it best: "I was just dismantling one of my toys on the couch, and then AHHHH! She scared the &$%! out of me!"

On an another note, I've talked to Sammy about his foul language.

JoAnne said...

Remember how long it took me to go to the Walmart in Prairie because they found a snake in the store!!!!!

I totally understand.

ron said...

fI told you not to shop at Whole Foods since you were just a little "spider screamer". That place is baaad! All the spiders and other BUGS are especially vicious because of the nature of the food they sell. Bug spray is our friend!!!