Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Do You Read?

This week it has become even more apparent that what my husband and I surf on the internet is completely different. Even though we get along fabulously, we are quite different in a lot of areas.

I spend most of my time online reading other people's blogs, updating my own blog, on Facebook (he doesn't have an account with them), on Star, CNN and various entertainment sites like People, TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly.

On Monday on our drive home from work Uncas turned to me and said "I was reading about soap today."

OH - really?

Then he said "Yeah, I am pretty confident if we were stranded in the wilderness, I could make soap for you."

Oh gosh - thanks Sweetie! See, he really does live up to his name Uncas! It was my father that gave him the nickname before we took our last Boundary Waters trip in May of 2007.

But, back to the soap - Uncas then proceeds to tell me how he would go about making it. Thankfully we were blocks from home, so I didn't get the long version. My mind was already wandering when he started about how he needed a source of fat and that would most likely come from a small aninmal that he would have to kill (which could also be our source of food.)

When I retold this story to my friend, she suggested that he should use lavendar oil to make it scented. What a great idea!

So - I can tell you which celebrity got married over the weekend (Bruce Willis) and my husband can tell you how to make soap.

UPDATE - on tonight's drive home, before I even told him about this blog post, Uncas said to me "Guess what I read about today?" This evening's topic was wood burning stoves.


LisaD said...

That cracks me up! I feel like I could have the exact same conversation with B!

Brian said...

What do you mean, "feel" ??? Didn't we already have this conversation?

Sally, be careful. The soap he's talking about making won't have the fun suds-y quality from your basic bar of Ivory. Not unless he can find coconut oil somewhere in the wilds of the Great White North. :)

uncas said...

You're not supposed to tell her it's not nice soap. By the time we're out stranded in the woods and I have time to get around to making us soap, she won't care what kind it is.

Actually, if I'm up north, I'll probably be able to find spearmint, and if we have a bit of salt to spare, it'll be in a nice solid bar form too. Though, it's still not going to be white. More of a turd brown really...

Anyway, I digress. What she should really be thankful for is that I consider soap a big enough necessity to learn out to make it in the woods.

ron said...

Enough already! Sally's worried about Sawyer and Kate, Uncas is making soap out of turds, B is egging him on and Lisa is out looking for coconuts for B. People there are some really important issues that are not being addressed by folks of your generation and they need attention. Do you realize that there are older citizens that are going without pie as we speak? We are not going to remedy this problem on CNN or by squeezing fat out of little varmints or by video taping kurly kids (unless they are making pie in their "Easy Bake" oven. Let's get real and take the pie by the crust. Make a difference in this world!

uncas said...

I take it you didn't receive the humble pie I sent you then? Oh well, I'm sure Sally would be willing to whip up a turd-soap or coconut-varmint pie. We already have all the ingredients!

ron said...

And the knowhow!!!

Ella said...

Can I just say I am sitting here laughing my a$$ off at all of your comments!!!!