Wednesday, December 16, 2009

End of Semester

Today marked my last official day of class.  Tomorrow I have one final left and I am done with the semester - hurray!  I have been putting off a lot of things these past couple of weeks, so I can just focus on school.  I can't wait to clean my house, wrap Christmas presents, bake some cookies, and just think about and prepare for this little baby that is kicking me as I type!

I don't really have too much new to say about school.  It's been a great semester and I have said it before, but I will say it again - I really enjoyed my classes.  I look forward to going back to get my licensure, but truth be told - I don't know exactly when that will be.  I honestly can't make a decision on if I will return to school next fall until after the baby is born.  But the good thing is that I know when I am ready, I know what I am going to do and that makes it a lot more appealing.

In other news - I did have Uncas take "real" week 28 pictures.  I can't say they are any better because I look really tired in them, but here they are anyways:

In still other news - Sammy is not really enjoying this colder weather.  I can tell he is tired of being inside, but he just gets so cold (particularly his paws), so unfortunately there isn't much to be done about it.  I think this weekend we'll have to take him to the pet store for a little field trip.  Here is a picture of him cuddling on Daddy's lap while Daddy plays some football on the Wii.

And finally - each year for Christmas my best friend Lisa and I do an ornament exchange.  I love it because as the years go by, my tree is starting to have more and more unique/fun ornaments.  Today I got mine from Lisa in the mail.

Does anyone know how to flip the picture?  It wasn't like this in Picasa!  Sometimes I really hate Blogger!!!

Anyhow - despite the picture being flipped, I think you can see it.  Unfortunately Lisa will have to wait 10 more days until she gets her ornament, because I am not sending it to her.  I hope (weather willing) to give it to her in person!

Ok - I should probably get back to studying now . . .

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