Friday, December 11, 2009

28 Weeks

Officially tomorrow I will be at 28 weeks, but Uncas will be helping a friend move and I don't want to forget to take a belly picture.  So, I took some this morning.  They aren't the greatest, and hopefully tomorrow we'll remember to take better ones.

Sometimes I don't think I look that big, but when I just see my bare belly (sorry, won't be posting any pictures of those), it looks huge to me!

I am having some challenge finding clothes warm enough for me right now.  Fortunately my dear husband has given me a few things from his closet.  Today I am wearing his shirts, which are super comfortable and warm!  At night you can find me wearing his huge UMD sweatshirt while watching tv.  I think I will actually be able to wear it until March because it's so big.

So - here I am - third trimester.  12 weeks left, although, let's be honest - I am expecting at least 13 more weeks, especially if this baby is as poking as its father is in the morning! 


JoAnne said...

You're lookin' great!

Ella said...

yay!!! happy 3T!!! you look great!