Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009 Recap

Here's the thing - Christmas day this year sucked for me.  It didn't seem like Christmas at all.  The lesson that I learned from this - if they are predicting that the weather is going to be bad - I will just cancel travel plans and make plans to be home.  What we did instead of this was play the "wait and see" game.  Bad choice, because instead of planning a Christmas meal and how Uncas and I should spent Christmas day together, I just sat and wondered if I would be traveling.  Well, we didn't travel and I felt completely lost on Christmas day.  The first time in my life I did not spend Christmas with any family. 

We did go see a movie, Up in the Air who stars one of my favorite people - George Clooney.  We also had Christmas dinner at Champps, a local sports bar - I know - merry Christmas to us!  While I was quite thankful to be spending the day with my husband and I acknowledge the fact and that I am very blessed, Christmas still sucked.

But the rest of the weekend took a turn for the better.  Maybe it's because we ended up spending lots of money.  Shopping does make everything better!  We now have a dresser for the baby's room and a new dining table and chairs.  Uncas needs to stain the dresser for the baby's room, so no pictures just yet.  As for the dining room table - we weren't even planning on buying one, but we found one that we fell in love with.  We won't have it for another 6-8 weeks, so again no pictures.

Another thing that makes you feel good is doing hard work.  We decided to finally paint our dining room.  It's literally the last room in the house that hasn't been painted.  In fact, we spent this weekend taking down wallpaper glue.  This week we'll be finishing it up before Uncas's parents come to visit on New Year's Eve.

All in all - the holiday wasn't a complete disaster.  My parents will be coming to visit in early January, so we can celebrate with them and we'll see my in-law's this weekend to celebrate Christmas and New Year's with them.  And one other highlight from this weekend - Saturday marked 30 weeks!  That means I just have 10 weeks left (probably closer to 11 or 12) till we meet our little baby!  I can't wait!!!!

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Ella said...

Oh I'm so sorry Summer!!! That sucks. :( But yay for a new dining room and for being THIRTY WEEKS already!?!? I can't believe it.