Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am really behind on posting this week.  I think after the really busy past few weeks, I have sort of crashed and burned.  Although yesterday I felt like my energy was picking up a little bit, but now with the extreme cold here in MN, it makes me just want to bundle up and lay on the couch.

I do need to post a few more pictures from the past weekend.  Here are some of Saffron with her lovely "Blume" hair-do after she woke up from her nap on Sunday. 

Here are a couple more - one with my brother and Saffron and one with me and Saffron:

And finally - I took this picture of Tina and Snoopy sleeping together on Saturday afternoon.  It's so cute and it makes me want to get another dog for Sammy, so he has a cuddle buddy too, when Uncas and I are not around.

In other news - this is my last full week of classes.  Hard to believe the semester is coming to a close.  I have to say, surprisingly, I am a little sad.  I really enjoyed both of my classes.  Currently I have A's in both of them (go me!), and just have two final tests to get through.  I am not too worried and plan on studying this weekend. 

I will say that I am glad that the semester is ending, because this week it got COLD!  I have still been walking to class because it's good exercise, but man, when it's 2 degrees out with negative wind chill - it's tough.  And I can't walk as fast before, in fact, I feel like I am waddling lately, so it's a little slow going.

Which brings me to my next topic - baby stuff.  I thought that when you are pregnant, you are suppose to run warm all the time.  Well, I am still waiting for that "heater" to kick in.  I think mine is broken.  I wouldn't say that I feel hot or even warmer than before I was pregnant.  Maybe it will kick in when I am in the the third trimester.

And speaking of the third trimester - I reach that milestone on Saturday!  I can't believe I have made it that far.  Sometimes I am still amazed when I look down and see that growing belly of mine.  The weight gain has slowed, which is nice.  It only appears to really be in my mid-section.  I hope to continue walking every day on our treadmill once classes are done.  I think it's made a huge difference this fall.

At the beginning of the week I was thinking how great I am finally feeling while pregnant, although I shouldn't have thought that quite so soon.  The past few days have been rather uncomfortable.  I do see the light shining at the end of the tunnel, which is good.  I remember in July thinking how far off March seemed.  Now I feel like there isn't enough time to get everything done by March!  I wouldn't say that the time has gone by super quickly, although the past month time has seemed to pick up.

Lately I have been thinking more and more about the actual labor.  I know some friends (hi Jacqueline) who have horror stories about it and then other friends (hi Laura) who have had very fast, and relatively uncomplicated labors.  I suppose it's only natural to be thinking about it, especially at this point in the pregnancy.  Next week at our next prenatal appointment, we'll be touring Labor and Delivery.  I am looking forward to it, primarily because I have never spent the night in the hospital.  In fact, I don't even know where to go once I am in labor!  I can't say that I am terrified of labor or even scared, but it's unknown to me, so I keep trying to envision what it will be like. 

Anyhow - I need to get some brownies out of the oven now, but I want to end with one last picture.  This week my sister and nephew sent Baby Nimz it's first Christmas present.  I was so surprised and touched when it came in the mail, it brought tears to my eyes.  It's an evergreen tree that we can plant in our yard!

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