Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Numbers Game

I've had a lot of numbers swirling in my head lately - allow me to share:

  • 60 days left until Little Nimzlet arrives, according to the floating baby - yikes!
  • 5 Centering Prenatal appointments left, one them is tonight.
  • 23-25 lbs (depending on the day and scale) is the amount of weight that I have gained so far.
  • 28 responses to the Baby Pool (I didn't count mine or Uncas's entry)
  • 3 days until we can celebrate Christmas with my parents (finally!)
  • 2 pairs of slippers that I have received from my in-laws as Christmas presents (one pair last year and one pair this year).  I am determined that Sammy will not chew on this latest pair - I love them!
  • 1 sleeping puppy on my lap.
  • 10 degrees outside (heat wave?!)
And finally . . . .
  • 28 days until LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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