Friday, January 8, 2010

Dice Wars!

A few years back Uncas was introduced to this online game called Dice Wars.  He played it a lot and showed it to me.  Basically you get stacks of dice and you try and gain as much territory as possible by taking turns (against the computer) and "rolling" the dice.  Whoever has the higher roll, wins the spot, but if it's a tie, the opponent is considered the winner and keeps the spot.  It's really a strategy game and so I tried playing it and I sucked at it and stopped (all in probably one day). 

Now Uncas - he is a big strategy game person.  He loves to think when he plays games.  I like to play games that you don't have to think too hard when playing.  He has played Dice Wars consistently throughout the years and has gotten very good at it.  And over the time I have watched him play and win.  Sometimes he would tell me different tips on strategy for the game and honestly after awhile I would enjoy watching him play. 

Right around Thanksgiving I don't know why I decided to give the game another shot, but I did.  Much to my surprise, I didn't lose immediately and then asked Uncas for some help and managed to win.  So, I played again with similar results.  I think it was a Friday night (I know - what exciting people we are - playing online games on Friday night).  The next morning I was up with Sammy and I sat down and started playing and I ended up winning my first game all by myself!  A strategy game of all things!  And I actually did play it strategically!  After all these years of watching Uncas play and listening to him talk about it, some of the tips and hints actually sunk into my brain.  And you know what?  I discovered that I actually like the game . . . a lot!

It's not uncommon to find both of us playing a game on our laptops while watching tv at night.  I do still ask Uncas for advice and sometimes we play a game together.  I never realized that a "thinking" game could be this much fun. 

And as much as I would like to type more, I need to go play a game now (I like to win at least one game a day).

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