Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vikings Game and Pictures

Today Uncas and I went to the Vikings home opener for the season.  This was his anniversary present and it did not disappoint!  A last second touchdown throw by Favre to win the game - amazing!  I even took a few pictures.

Uncas and I at the game.

Favre walking onto the field.

These flag runners crack me up!  I want their job.  Whenever the Vikings score, they come running out!

Final Score 27-24 - Vikings Win!

This weekend also marks my 17th week!  I finally took some more belly pictures.  I am definitely starting to show, but not a ton.


And finally - because I haven't posted any pictures recently of my first "baby" - I will leave you with a cute Sammy picture.  It's actually Daddy and Sammy taking a nap a couple of weeks ago.

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