Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend 2009

This weekend my parents came up to visit us.  We had a fabulous time, as always and there were many, many laughs shared as well.  It was a great distraction to keep my mind off of my first week back at school.

To start the weekend off, on Friday night we celebrated my mom's birthday which was really on August 24.  I made my mom her favorite kind of cake - carrot cake.

Saturday we headed over to Fort Snelling State Park.  It's super close to our house and until this summer, we had never been there before.  We enjoyed hiking a few trails and we even hiked up to the Fort.  Here are some pictures from our day there.
That night we went out to the 5/8's Club to enjoy some Jucy Lucy's - yum!  Sunday was a little less physically demanding (i.e. no hiking).  Instead we went to Mall of America where my dad  purchased a new computer (Mac Mini) and I also snagged some clearance maternity clothes at Sears.  Reid helped my dad get stuff set up on his new computer when we got home from the mall.

My mom and I kept busy in the afternoon by washed down a high chair that we had purchased the day before at a garage sale for $10!  It's in great condition and while we won't need it for several more months, it was actually my very first purchase for the baby. 

Later in the day we went and played mini golf at the local park.  Reid won and we all agreed that it was a fun course.  We came home and grilled out.  Later that night we played some Yahtzee and laughed, a lot.

My parents left this morning and pretty much we have spent most of the day relaxing.  I think the weekend wore me out, but I really enjoyed having my parents come stay with us.  And the long weekend was an extra bonus.

Tomorrow is my first day of school in almost 10 years.  Fortunately this semester I will only be taking two classes, so I can ease into things.  I am nervous, but excited for tomorrow.

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