Sunday, September 20, 2009


Last week flew by for me! What a difference it makes when you get up in the morning and no longer dread going to a place for 8 hours a day. It has certainly made me a much happier person. Here are some random things from the past week:

  • I made a friend in one of my classes! I probably shouldn't be so surprised, however considering the make-up of my classes, I wasn't really thinking it would be likely this semester. I met a wonderful woman, close to my age, married with children who is finishing up her bachelors. She is super nice and it's fun to have a familiar face in class.
  • I actually finished my first paper and it's not due until Tuesday!
  • I don't mind doing homework or studying. I can't believe I am typing those words, but it's true.
  • Where is this burst of energy that I am suppose to feel in the 2nd trimester? It hasn't seem to come this way just yet. Naps are still an essential element of my day.
  • Who knew that no rain for 2 weeks would make taking out window air-conditioner units so easy (and a lot less messy!)
  • I planted some iris and lily bulbs today that my friend Janis graciously gave me last week. Sammy was very interested in what I was doing, of course. Unfortunately, he seems to think that the bulbs are similar to sticks and branches. That means he likes to run off with them and chew them up. It's been a trying afternoon for all of us and resulted in him coming inside more than once, which he hates. But I think he understands now that he can't eat them. Also, Reid and I sprayed the bulbs with applebitter, so I think that might further deter Sammy. Only time will tell if I actually end up with flowers next year.

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