Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

This has really been a great summer weekend!  It started on Friday with Uncas getting home about an hour early for work.  I handed Eddie over to him while I went and took a nice long nap! 

Yesterday morning we got up and went out to get bagels for breakfast.  As soon as we were finished eating, we headed over to our town's Farmer's Market.  We have been going there so much this summer and we love it!  It's not very big at all, but we always manage to buy plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.  One farm even had corn already! 

Eddie and Mallory
Afterwards we headed home, so Uncas could take off and meet up with his co-workers to go Go-Karting.  Eddie and I hung out with my friend Mallory.  We went to my old neighborhood, had some ice cream and walked around the little shops.  The weather was beautiful, and it just started raining as we headed home.

After Uncas got home, we were just hanging out not doing much of anything.  We called up our friend Josh and had him come over for dinner.  We ordered pizza and ate some butterscotch pudding.  It was such a fun long day.

Today I was able to go shopping by myself for almost 4 hours.  It was heaven!  I bought books, some Twins gear (next weekend we are going to a Twins game - Woot!), went to Target and finally did some grocery shopping.  I really enjoyed taking my time and browsing at two bookstores!

Here are a couple of Eddie pictures from the week:
Eddie playing in his little chair.
Daddy playing with Eddie and getting kissed by Sammy

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