Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1st Fourth of July

This past weekend was Eddie's first 4th of July.  To be honest - we didn't do any activities remotely related to the holiday :-(  Not a sparkler to be seen - and this Mama loves her sparklers!  But that's ok - he won't even remember this year, so next year I'll be sure to stock up on the sparklers and we can start celebrating a week early!

We did actually go up to Duluth to visit Grandma and Grandpa Nimz.  They were sure excited to get some quality Eddie time!  It was pretty warm up there and unfortunately there was no air conditioning, so the first night was a little rough getting Eddie to sleep. The warm conditions and bright rooms are not something he was used to.  We moved the little portable crib a few times, but once we got him down, he slept his usual amount at night, so that was good.  The next day Grandpa set about installing a ceiling fan in the "guest room", so the second night was much easier to put him down - in fact he even went to bed early!

Eddie's favorite activity of the weekend was watching Sammy and Sophie play.  We called it his very own tv.
His next favorite thing was to swing in the swing:
You can see in the picture above that he was wearing his 4th of July outfit.  It actually says - Born in 2010.

I made sure that while we were there to get some good pictures with Grandma and Grandpa.  The last time they saw him at his baptism, he was rather fussy and not really wanting to pose.  This weekend he was much better!

The best part of the weekend for me was not having to cook or clean.  My mother-in-law wouldn't let us help with the dishes even.  We definitely appreciated the break!  She even got up with Eddie to do his 4:30 feeding and let us sleep in on Monday.  It was soooo nice!  I look forward to next summer when Eddie will be able to run around their big yard and woods.

Here are a couple of cute pictures from our drive there and home.

Eddie standing on top of car during a rest stop.

 Eddie taking after his daddy's love of McDonald's!

Eddie saw his friend Ashley pose for a picture that made it look like she was driving, so he wanted to as well.  We asked him if Ashley would jump off a cliff, would he?!

I took this picture of Uncas and Eddie before we left for Duluth on Saturday.  I love this outfit and they both look so cute!

And finally - one more picture - this time, no cute kid.  Every night after we put Eddie to bed, Uncas and I like to go out and check out the "farm" (our garden).  I took this picture on July 3rd.  We have been measuring the corn daily to see if it would be knee high by 4th of July.  It was just at my knees this day!

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LisaD said...

Love all the photos!! Eddie is just too cute!