Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008! I must say that this New Years Eve was quite a blast. The past couple of years, we have spent the evening with our good friend Marcos (he was Uncas's roommate in and out of college and remains a great friend to us now). Usually we would just watch movies, hang out and eat junk food.

This year, my parents (Mr. & Mrs. Sally) decided to drive up to visit and hang out. Marcos came over and we played Michigan Rummy (some people know it as Tripoloy) all night long! We finished up around 11:45 (basically Uncas and I were the big losers!) and we then ran outside to light up some New Years Sparklers! Yes, that is right, we were crazy and froze our butts off even though we were only out there for about 5 minutes! We then came in to count-down the New Year with Carson Daly (I can't stand Ryan Seacrest)! Since I am ever the party-planner - there were plenty of hats and noise makers for all of us to enjoy. We laughed so hard for much of the night and enjoyed some yummy snacky food too!

This weekend we were able to see all of our favorite friends - Lisa and Brian from Seattle, Andy and Ella (or Mr. & Mrs. Shangri-la as they will be now known as) and Marcos. It was much fun and it reminds me of how lucky we really are to know such great people.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new years!

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