Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Award Shows

I think I am turning over a new leaf this year - and it wasn't even planned. I used to be a huge fan of award shows. I loved to see what the stars would wear, what they would say, who would win, what spontaneous events would happen . . . the list goes one. But something funny has happened - I just don't care. I have missed a couple already this year and when I heard the news about the cancellation of the Golden Globes I felt completely indifferent!

What has caused this lack of interest? I think part of it is the whole writers strike. I love my tv shows, but I have found myself watching less tv this year. I actually think it started since Uncas and I starting living together. Uncas doesn't watch that much tv and when I lived by myself, I would automatically turn on the tv when I would be at home. Now, I don't bother and find myself busying doing other things. Of course, I still watch plenty of tv, I am just saying that I have cut down. I think if the strike continues, it won't bother that much. I will be sad about a few of my favorite shows (namely LOST), but it will just give me more reason to get my butt to the gym.

So, I think the days of comments and recaps from award shows are gone. Of course, I won't say forever, because you never know . . .

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