Sunday, January 27, 2008

Gone Fishing

Uncas can't get enough of ice fishing this year. His parents came into town (more on that later) and so he and his dad went fishing. On Saturday they caught at least 2 dozen fish. The first two pictures are from their time on the ice on Saturday. The third picture is from when Uncas went out today (Sunday) by himself for a couple of hours. He lost count of how many fish he caught after about 29.

It was fun to have Mr. and Mrs. Uncas in town. They were each able to do things that they love. The Mr. got to ice fish and the Mrs. got to go shopping for fibers. We made a tasty dinner of enchiladas on Saturday night and had a yummy dessert of cheesecake. We hung around the house as there was some sniffling and sneezing and coughing going on, but it was fun to see them and catch up on things.

Our household is excited for a few upcoming events. The first is the season premier of Lost. We have only been waiting since May for this! And of course, our upcoming Mexico trip - just 11 days till fun in the sun!
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