Monday, January 14, 2008

Cheesecake, Laundry, Bowling, Ice Fishing, and Running

That subject line pretty much sums up our weekend. Friday night we went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I had the Chocolate Oreo Mudslide Cheesecake and it was good, but I don't think I will get it again. Uncas had the Carmel Turtle Cheesecake and boy did that look good!

Saturday was pretty much laundry day until we went bowling with Matt and Janis. I brought my camera with and didn't take a single picture - oops! Matt won both games, although Uncas was neck-in-neck with him there for a while. I lost the first game (by a lot), but came back and did pretty good in the second game.

Sunday I ran 3 miles at the gym. I felt so great! Uncas decided to do some more ice fishing, but he only caught one little blue gill.

I feel like I have to mention that I did watch the Golden Globes "press conference" last night. I have to say not only was it boring, but I didn't like most of the people/movies that won. So - now I am thinking about just not even bothering with the Oscars all together. I know it's completely uncharacteristic for me to be thinking, much less writing this, but I think I am finally growing up. While I do enjoy seeing what people wear and who they are with, in the grand scheme of my life - who cares?! I mean, if I won an award at work - would these people care about me? Nope, and that's ok! Of course, it's still a couple of months until the Oscars - who knows if there is even a show. If they do another "press conference", I will definitely NOT watch, because last night was a total waste of an hour!

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Jbird said...

It is like when I turned 30 and could no longer stomach the Real World. However I now watch The Hills and that is even worse=)