Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

This week has been relatively uneventful in our household.  I have been adjusting to the little crawler, who yesterday has started to master crawling on hardwood floors!  I really assumed this would take him longer to conquer, but no such luck.  That was a stupid assumption on my part because 1. he is and has always been a very active little boy and 2. he is really quite strong. 

The other thing that I am adjusting to this week is Eddie's attachment to me.  Usually I can leave him in the living room to play with toys while I run to change loads of laundry or run upstairs to grab something, or just to go into the kitchen to make some lunch.  Now if I leave the room or sometimes just put him down, he throws a fit.  But since he can move, he will start to crawl, while crying, to find me.  It's a little surprising to me, although I studied all about attachment last fall.  The thing is sometimes I am not out of his line of sight, but he just doesn't want to be by himself.  Of course other times he will be fine, but still start crawling to find me.  The sight of seeing his little face peaking around the corner and then the big smile that spreads across his face when he finds me is truly priceless!  Of course it's not just me.  A few time recently if Uncas has left the room, Eddie hasn't been too happy about that either.  This little boy clearly loves his parents!

While Eddie is a crawling machine, he hasn't really gotten into many things.  I know that it will come soon enough, but he seems more focused on being able to move himself around to different toys or to the dog.  He loves crawling after Sammy.  Sometimes Sammy likes the chase and I think wants Eddie to be faster, but other times he wants nothing to do with it.  The problem is that if I am on the floor by Eddie, Sammy wants to be by me, even if Eddie is crawling after him.  Since Eddie can't crawl up me (yet), Sammy huddles up as high as he can on my lap.  Or he also jumps up on the couch to avoid Eddie.  Sometimes he'll leave the room, but he'll usually come back and head for the couch.

Enough about Eddie, now I must get back to cheering on the Twins!

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