Monday, October 18, 2010

7 Months - Continued

Here are the updates on Eddie for this month:
  • Crawling!  That's right - you started crawling this month and you get better and better each day.  I have been amazed at your dedication and determination with this skill.  You rarely get frustrated, you just try and try again.  I was worried that we would be in huge trouble immediately after you started crawling, but you haven't been so quick to explore.  You like to stay close to your Mama and Daddy and of course Sammy.  Sammy has taken refuge in the dining room at his heater spot.  You have recently discovered where he is, but it takes a while to get there.
  • Teeth!  This was the next big milestone this month and it happened right after the crawling!  You have two little teeth in the bottom front.  I think you will be getting more in soon as the past couple of days your mouth has seemed to bother you.  I love it when you smile and you can see those two cute teeth in front!  
  • Sleeping - well, this is still a work in progress.  We started moving your bedtime back to 6:30 in hopes that it would help you sleep later in the morning (the pediatrician said it would help - hah!) and because daylight savings will be ending soon.  We did this for about 2 weeks and the results weren't that great.  I finally just said screw it and we moved the bedtime back to 6 pm.  You slept later the past few days and the wakings at night have been less.  We'll just deal with daylight savings when it comes.
  • Food wise you are still eating pretty well.  We have had some struggle with the formula recall, but we seem to be past that now.  You still eat solids about twice a day and take a bottle about 5 times.  You also still wake up for a middle of the night feeding.
  • You really like to scream.  Not in the sense that something is wrong, but when you are happy or just in the mood to talk.  We can also get you to "talk" when we mimic you.  Your babbling doesn't have any sounds like "mamama" or "dadada", but that's ok.  It seems like when you do start talking, you probably won't stop!
  • Your coolest skill, in my opinion, is that you can whistle!  You purse your lips together and blow air and sometimes a whistling noise comes out.  I think you learned this from your Daddy.  He whistles to you a lot and think you try to copy him.  It's the cutest thing, although sometimes you don't make the actual whistling noise.  Sometimes you'll be playing on the floor and you do it.  It's the cutest thing!
  • You are definitely starting to get more attached to your mama and daddy.  Sometimes when we leave the room, you don't like it one bit and start crying.  But for the most part you are still a very happy baby!
I tried taking some pictures yesterday and I only took three and they weren't that great.  Someone didn't want to pose at all.  The best one he is munching on a straw!

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