Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

I tried doing this post yesterday, uploaded all these photos and then somehow lost all the photos.  I got annoyed and just walked away from the computer.  I am determined to get this posted today because I leave tomorrow for Seattle.  I have a lot to do packing-wise for me and for Eddie.  Eddie is going to hang out with Grandma Nimz up in Duluth while Uncas and his dad go fishing and hunting.  This will be the longest I have been away from Eddie ever and to say that I am freaking out is an understatement.  I keep on trying to focus on the positives like sleeping through the night and being able to hold Baby Ezra for the first time!  So - I need to finish this post and get off the computer now!

This past weekend my parents came up to visit Eddie.  The timing was perfect because Uncas had a conference for work on Friday and Saturday.  In fact Friday night he didn't get home until 8:30 pm, so I was happy when my parents pulled in at 5:00 pm.  Grandma was able to give Eddie a bath and help put him to bed.  After Uncas got home that night we enjoyed some Molten Dark Chocolate Cakes to celebrate my Dad's birthday and we gave him some presents.

My mom handled all the time night feedings, so Uncas and I were able to catch up on our sleep, although I wasn't really able to sleep in because I am so used to getting up early in the mornings.  My mom and I took Eddie for a little shopping in the morning.  Then after Eddie's second nap we went to the Como Zoo in St. Paul.  It's a free little zoo and while Eddie's still a little too young to enjoy seeing the animals, we had fun.  They also have a really nice carousel there, so we took Eddie on his first carousel ride.  It goes pretty fast, so we actually sat in some seats, but after the ride we took a couple of pictures of Eddie on one of the horses.

That night we made homemade pizza and watched some baseball.  On Sunday morning my dad had found this recipe for a ham pastry ring thing.  He emailed it to me, so I thought he was really excited to try it.  Unfortunately we didn't really the recipe very well until I actually making it.  It called for diced ham, green pepper, red onion (so far so good), diced apple, diced grapes, chive and onion cream cheese and Caesar dressing!  If you think it sounds gross then you would be right.  We threw most of it away and Uncas made some scrambled eggs with ham for us instead.  You can read my dad's take on it here.

It was a fun weekend, although it went by way too fast!  We all enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa stay with us!
Riding the carousel - he didn't want to sit still!

Checking out some fish

Eddie with hair!!!

Sammy loves to cuddle with Grandpa

Grandma and Eddie

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