Saturday, October 9, 2010

Date Night

Our date night was actually more of a date day.  Our friends came over with their daughter - Eddie's little friend Ashley this afternoon, so Uncas and I could go to a movie and dinner.  We saw the movie The American with George Clooney.  I really enjoyed the movie, but I liked some of George's other movies better.  Uncas and I really enjoyed the time together and Eddie seemed to have a great time with Ashley.

Eddie grabbing Ashley's leg!
This week has been fun watching Eddie discover his mobility.  He still doesn't move very fast and isn't too quick to explore the whole house.  I think a second tooth will be popping through soon.  One of the funniest things about Eddie is that sometimes when he crawls, he pushes up with his toes and it looks like he is doing yoga!
Downward Dog
We have been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather outside a lot during the day.  I put down a blanket and he likes to crawl to the edge and pull up grass.  He also likes to try and eat leaves.  I usually love cool, crisp fall days, but I can't complain about these 80 degree days. 

Here are a few more pictures of Eddie from this week.
Had to put in this picture of Sammy - totally spoiled dog still lives here!!!

Speaking of Sammy - look who found his heater spot!

Eddie's going to get you!

Winter hat made by grandma N

Attempting to get a picture of his tooth.  He reached for the camera right after, so there ended that idea.

Notice his outfit for the middle of Oct!

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LisaD said...

He is just THE CUTEST little guy! Love the pic where you tried to show his tooth!