Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Sorry that I have been missing for the past week.  School had me very preoccupied as I had two tests this week.  I was busy, busy studying for them and my hard work paid off on my test on Monday, so that is good.  I am still waiting to hear the results from my test on Tuesday - I hope they are equally as good.

Other than that, life has been pretty uneventful.  Uncas discovered on Saturday morning that our shower was leaking.  Even though we ended up with a big hole in our bathroom for a couple of days, he managed to fix it quickly and with minimal cost.

Sammy hasn't been a huge fan of the recent cold and rainy weather.  In fact, this is what he thinks about it:

The other day while he was by his favorite heater spot in the dining room, I discovered that he was using his new toy as a pillow.  It didn't look too comfortable, but whatever works.

I took Sammy to the vet on Monday and despite our concerns that he had been putting on some weight, he is only tipping the scales at 8.8 lbs!  I guess not.  Maybe one day he'll finally hit the 10 lb mark . . .  Sammy also found something that scares him.  The neighbor's 16 year old cat!  Yesterday we stopped next door to chat with the neighbors and they have a very social 16 year old cat who just wanted to play with Sammy.  Sammy, however, was completely terrified of her.  I have never seen him act that way before and it was quite comical.  Finally he has a taste of his own medicine!

And one final note, we have been cheering on the Minnesota sports teams this week.  I was busying studying and went to bed early on Monday, so I didn't get to watch the Vikings-Packers game, but from what I hear, it was quite the game.  Last night we cheered on the Twins as they won their tie-breaker game.  Here is a picture of Sammy and I cheering them on:

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