Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Visitors

This weekend my friend Mike drove up from Chicago with his dog Toby. Friday night we hung out at home. I made some pasta for dinner because on Saturday Reid was doing the running portion of a triathalon. I wanted to make sure he "carbed" up. It was an early night, since we were all up early the next day for the race.

The next morning Mike and I took the dogs to watch Reid run. Unfortunately due to weather conditions (lightening in the distance), they canceled the swim. When Reid started running it wasn't raining, but soon after we saw dark clouds moving in. Mike and I headed to the car and watched for Reid while we stayed nice and dry! Here are some pictures of Reid:

Storm clouds

After the race Mike and I headed to a couple of the art fairs taking place in Minneapolis this weekend.  We met up with Jaron and Josh and my friend Suzaane for awhile.  Later on we came back home and picked up Reid (who hung out with the dogs in the afternoon) to go out to dinner.  We had a nice spot outside and while we were eating dinner the tornado sirens went off!  We quickly finished up and headed home.

Today has been a lazy day.  Sammy really enjoyed playing with Toby this weekend:

I only have 5 days left of work!!!!  It's hard to believe that this week has finally come.  I hope it goes by quickly!


JoAnne said...

Tell Reid we are proud of him for doing the race in spite of the weather! And those storm clouds looked pretty bad!

Derek said...

Toby looks way too much like a male version of Tina.