Monday, May 18, 2009

Working on Our Yard

This weekend we took advantage of being home and worked on the outside for a change.  The weather was fabulous and we spent many hours both days outside.  Saturday Uncas mowed the lawn, while I "trimmed" a tree in our front yard.  I might have taken off more than he anticipated, but by Sunday he came around and was excited to have another area to plant some flowers and plants.  Sunday we went to the store and bought two bushes for the front of our house, along with some pots and other flowers.  We were planting fools.  Sammy loved digging in the dirt.  We still have some more work to do, but it's really looking good.
Picture of Sammy, after a long day of digging and running around the yard with sticks!


Brian said...

So funny - we planted the same annuals! Ours are red, not orange.

Ella said...

Very pretty - I loooove Gerbera Daisies! Any before and afters of the tree you pruned?