Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Wedding Weekend

This weekend my cousin Alison was married.  Above is a picture of her and her new husband Brian.  Uncas and I flew down to IL for the wedding.  We had a wonderful weekend seeing lots of family.  Friday night Uncas dropped Sammy off at our friend's Matt and Janis.  Then we hopped on a plane to IL.  After renting a car and checking in to our hotel, we headed to my uncle's bar to see my cousin's wife Kelly who was working.  My cousin Ron was there along with my uncle.  We had fun just hanging out with them.
On Saturday we went to visit my Grandma Blume and brought her some flowers for an early Mother's Day present.  She is going to be 97 years old and she still has an amazing memory and mind.  
My parents met us at our hotel to change for the wedding.  I had a little wardrobe "malfunction" that sent my mom and I running to the store an hour and a half before the wedding.  But we arrived in plenty of time before the wedding started.  The best part was seeing so many family members.  My cousins Stephanie and Greg (and Stephanie's husband Brian) drove in from Ohio.  Stephanie, Alison and I are the only girl cousins out of 12 grandkids and we hadn't taken a picture together for at least 8 years.  This picture is for Grandma, who couldn't make the wedding:
And then we had to get a picture of Alison's Brian, Stephanie's Brian and my Uncas.  I was the only girl cousin who didn't marry a guy named Brian!  This picture was for Grandma too:
Then we had to take a picture of my cousin Jeff, with me and Alison.  For Grandma.
Are you sensing a theme?  Yes, my mom started it by running around and taking pictures and saying "for Grandma" and we pretty much ran with that all night long.  Grandma should be quite pleased by all the pictures we took for her!  You can check them all out er
This morning Uncas and I were able to see my Ohio cousins before they hit the road and then we had breakfast with my cousin Jamal and his girlfriend Anna.  This weekend reminded me of how much fun I had hanging out with my cousins when I was younger.  We all had so much fun seeing each other this weekend.  I hope we can all get together again soon.

Our flight home was uneventful.  We were able to unpack and get the house in order before Matt and Janis dropped off Sammy.  He had a fabulous weekend at the lake, following Charlie around.  He is so tired that he has slept on my lap or Uncas's lap all night long.  So - all in all, I think the whole family had a good weekend.  But now it's late, I need to get to bed.

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