Sunday, August 17, 2008

Today's Fishing Report

Today Uncas and I met up with my friend Sally and her husband Mike and their two kids Monty and Maisy. Mike and the kids have gone fishing from shore and really enjoyed it, so Uncas offered to take them out in his boat. We picked today and it was beautiful weather. Sally and I just stayed on shore with Sammy. We had a great time just hanging out, chatting and watching Sammy.

Uncas and Mike also had a fun time with the kids on the boat. They caught well over 3 dozen fish. Maisy caught 9 and Monty caught 12! They were very excited and did great on the boat. Monty caught the last fish, a "bottom-feeder" - which is what he exclaimed to me and Mallory as they came to shore. Apparently he caught a bullhead, which was roughly 12 inches long. As it was getting reeled in, chaos ensued on the boat because the kids were a little scared of the fish (it didn't look like any they had seen earlier in the day). Here are pictures from their fun fishing day. While Uncas wasn't able to do a ton of fishing himself, he really enjoyed fishing with the kids. We are planning on doing it again.

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