Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Puppy Update

Of course, I can't go too long without posting some pictures of my favorite puppy. He is now four months old and still such a cutie. He did great at my mom's party this weekend where there were nearly 50 people present. We did start puppy training classes last week, but unfortunately I did not like the instructor at all, so we got a refund and are searching around for a new class.

He is still adjusting to his kennel, but it has been getting slightly better. He loves going for walks and sits very still when we put his harness on. He also likes going places in the car. He still sleeps in his dog bed at night, but lately he has been waking up in the middle of the night and crying and trying to get on our bed.

His favorite toy is still the tennis ball that Grandma N gave him the very first weekend we got him. He loves running around the yard with it in his mouth while we chase him. My parents have a big canvas bag which they store all the dog toys that they have accumulated for Tina and Snoopy and now Sammy. Sammy didn't pay much attention to it the last time he was there because Tina and Snoopy were around. This past weekend he discovered how much fun not only the toys are, but the bag as well. Uncas suggested to me last night that we get a similar bag for us at home. Currently his toys are just strewn about our living room. I went to Lands' End tonight and found a bag with the monogram SG on it. We decided that it stands for Sammy the Great. You will see from the pictures, he does like the new bag . . .

Here are the most recent pictures from the past couple of weeks of our dog.


LisaD said...

Oh wow - he's already getting big!!!

Derek said...

I can't wait for Tina, Snoopy and Sammy to get together again!