Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hanging at Lucky's House

We had a great weekend hanging out around town. This morning Uncas got up early and went fishing. Sammy and I hung out at home for awhile (slept) and joined Uncas later at the lake. It was our first chance to check out his boat since he made all of his improvements.

Here are a couple of the improvements - a new depth finder and fancy cup holders. He also put in some very comfortable seats.

He caught a bunch of little fishes (like the one pictured here). I sat back and relaxed and read my book. Sammy slept and checked out the sights.
On Saturday night, we went over to our friend's Jessie and Rob's house. They have a cute little dog named Lucky. We were excited for our dogs to meet. Unfortunately, Sammy was a little too eager to be friends with Lucky and his puppy energy was no match for Lucky either. Much of the evening Sammy was chasing Lucky around, trying to get him to play. When Sammy wasn't busy bugging Lucky, he was busy leaving various bodily excretions around their house . . . we were not pleased (and rather embarrassed), but Jessie and Rob were very nice about the whole thing. After a tasty dinner, we sat down to play some Rock Band. It's a video game where people play different instruments to popular songs. Very fun and yet very challenging.

Here is Sammy trying to get close to Lucky.

Sammy curled up and sleeping on the couch with his new toy turtle.
Lucky sleeping on the other couch, relieved that no little puppy is bothering him!
Jessie, Uncas and Rob rocking out!

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