Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend in the new house #2

We are pretty tired from another exhausting weekend. First, I need to mention that today is Mother's Day. Uncas and I appreciate both of our moms A LOT this year. They have both been wonderfully supportive and helpful with our new house. Thank you moms!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Uncas came down this weekend to help us paint. And paint we did. We also prepped to paint. It was fun and tiring. We painted the living room, master bedroom and downstairs hallway. Everything looks great except the living room ceiling. We had some paint troubles (thanks to the competent people at Home Depot), so currently our living room has not only two different colors, but two different sheens. Anyhow - we'll fix it soon enough, so it's fine.

Check out the pictures from the weekend.

I also want to write about my 8 mile run on Saturday. That's right - 8 miles! It was surprisingly not too bad. I was pretty tired and sore, but I did it! I hadn't seen Marcos all week because he was traveling for work. It was great, because he talked the whole time! It works out well, cause I don't like to talk much while I am running - I am too busy trying to get enough air! :-)


LisaD said...

Lookin' good! Both on the progress of the house and your training! :D

Jbird said...

Eight miles! Way to go. I've never run that far. I think six is my max.