Sunday, May 4, 2008

First Weekend

We did a lot of work this weekend. A huge thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Sally who came back from Vegas on Friday night and then came up by us on Saturday morning to help work on the house. Here is what we completed in no particular order:

  • Took down "shutters" in kitchen
  • Took off all wallpaper in dining room, kitchen and bathroom
  • Nearly stripped all the glue from wall paper in kitchen (little section left)
  • Took down all window treatments and hardware (14 windows total)
  • Replace light fixture at top of stairs
  • Replaced cracked toilet seat in upstairs bathroom
  • Tore up all carpet upstairs (Uncas did it all!)
  • Took off all closet doors upstairs (to get carpet torn up)
  • Spackled walls
  • Vacuumed cobwebs/dust from all rooms
  • Mrs. Sally cleaned our oven - took her hours, but it looks great!
  • Took down all chair rail from dining room and kitchen
We did all of that from Tuesday night to Sunday late afternoon. We also took 3 trips to Menards and 2 trips to home depot! We have learned a lot about the best way to pull up carpet and take off wallpaper glue.

Tonight we purchased a new washer and dryer, as well as a new rake. Mr. and Mrs. Sally gave us our house-warming present - a new gas grill! We can't wait to use it, although, it will probably be a few weeks before we can assemble it.

Here are pictures that we took from our first week in the house.

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Ella said...

Yay! Things are looking great, I can see the prettiness potential coming through the old wallpaper and carpet as it gets ripped away! Can't wait to see the finished product!

LisaD said...

Wow! You weren't kidding about being busy! But you'll have the place looking fantastic in no time! :D