Wednesday, May 7, 2008

As if we don't have enough going on . . .

One thing that I keep forgetting to mention is that Uncas has some exciting news. Next week he is starting a new job! He is looking forward to the switch and while he was not actively looking for a new job, the opportunity presented itself (one of the perks of working in the software development industry - I have never had a recruiter call me!)

I am also very excited for him to start his new job next week. Strangely enough, the company is located in my office building! What are the chances that of all the office buildings in the Twin Cities that he would end up in mine!? We can actually have lunch together every once in a while! And more importantly, we can save gas and carpool most days.

He does have a few days off next week, but those will be spent at the new house - not much of a vacation, but he will probably go fishing too!

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