Sunday, March 16, 2008

House Hunters

We have been receiving many inquiries this weekend about how our house-hunting has been going. I thought I would share with you some of the conversations/comments that have been exchanged as we have looked at houses:

Uncas: A one-car garage is fine . . .

Sally: Oh – check out the huge spider in the living room
Uncas: This house would need about $6,000 worth of work in order for us to just move-in
Realtor: That sounds about right.
S: This house needs a good cleaning. I don’t like it.

U: The garage needs to be fixed up a little bit. Look, the edging is coming off up here.
S: If we have to do all of that, we can tear it down and build a two-car garage.

U: Whoa – look at how big the upstairs is? Three bedrooms up here!
S: Wow – there is not a tree in this background – holy crap!

S: It’s too small – only has two bedrooms. This won’t work for us.
U: Check out the cool, old-school stove/oven.

S: I don’t like the whirlpool tub.
U: The location is terrible – not a sense of any neighborhood.
S: Look – it has a two-car garage.

(we just drove by the house which looked like it was going to fall down)
U: Yeah, we need to take this off the list . . .
S: Hey – there is a sign on the front door that says “Winterized” – what does that mean?
U: Well, you have to winterize a boat, but I just assumed that houses came winterized.

We still have a long list of houses that we want to see. We are going back out later this week.

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