Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Second Child Syndrome

I'm a younger sibling, so I get how these things work.  While many believe that the youngest is spoiled, which to some degree might be true, the second child also misses out on certain things too.  I, for one, have never let my mother live it down that I do not have a baby book!  So you would think that I would be all about being fair with my kids.  But it turns out I'm already behind!

For this pregnancy, I have not taken one belly picture yet and I am at 15 weeks.  My growing belly is no longer intriguing to me.  I've done this before, so why bother taking pictures again. I will post some belly pictures - next week, I promise. 

I also tend to forget which week I am on.  I swear with Eddie, I knew how many days I had left every day!  In fact, even as I typed week 15 above, I second guessed myself - am I really that far along? 

I also don't feel the need to talk about being pregnant all the time either.  With my last pregnancy, I couldn't read or talk about it enough.  This time I usually glance at the weekly emails from Baby Center to see how big the baby is and that's about it.

There are a few reasons for my lack of interest this time around (I don't know if interest is the right word, maybe attention).  First of all - I just went through this!  Literally!  This time last year I was pregnant.  It doesn't seem so far removed.  I don't feel like I need to read about it because I know what's going. 

Another reason is that I feel like I am far busier with Eddie than I was at work or school.  I am really focused on him and what he is doing (like nearly walking), so it really does take my mind off of being pregnant.  Although there are days that I sit on the couch and think "What are we doing?!  How can we have two so close together?!!!!"

My final reason is that I have been far sicker with this pregnancy.  And let's be honest, do people really want to read about how often I've thrown up or how many days it's been since I last threw up?  It's not really fun to talk about.  Sometimes just thinking about food makes me sick, so why would I want to write about it.  I have been feeling better this week, but I don't think I am out of the woods yet. 

Fortunately I know that just because I haven't been shouting from the roof tops about this pregnancy, doesn't mean that I am a bad mother or that I will love this baby any less.  My life has changed so much since the last time I was pregnant.  I am really cherishing and enjoying every minute that I have with Eddie while he is still an only child. 

But there is one thing that I know for sure - no matter what - this baby will have a baby book :-) (sorry Mom, I couldn't resist!)


JoAnne said...

Second child would have had a baby book if she didn't have her day's and night mixed up for the first month and cried all the time when she was up for the first 3 months. (Sorry second child, I just couldn't resist)

Saffron Viola said...

:(....I just got a new baby book for baby #2, a ton more spaces to fill out compared to Saffrons....I know you just went through it all, and that is understandable, I enjoy reading your blog to keep in touch with how the family is doing!! I enjoy doing a second blog for the new baby, makes me take more pictures of the family, more so then I would if I did not have any blogs...not sure if I will have the time, once he/she is born. But I did tell myself each child will have a blog. Like I said we will see how long it lasts...hope you are getting to feeling better!

Abby said...

Hahaha. Love this post. Have SO been there. And it doesn't stop either. Knew every detail about every one of Augie's doctor's appts, stats, whatever. Now I can't remember details for either kid! But the seconds do have some things better . . . I wasn't so concerned about following the rules, which means Vi got to try chocolate and ice cream before she was a year! ;-) Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better this week!

Kellys said...

To be fair, none of my kids will have baby books. Soooo much easier. I figure they can just look at the blog. :)