Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Cutie

I really don't spend much money when it comes to Eddie's clothes.  I have a neighbor who gives me some hand-me downs and for the most part, I have been going the practical route of getting some plain onesies and a few pairs of pants.  We do laundry pretty often around here because of the cloth diapering, so we really don't need that many clothes. A few weeks ago I got a catalog from Red Envelope in the mail.  As I was flipping through it, I found the cutest pair of pajamas for a baby's first Christmas.  I would normally never spend the amount that I did on one pair of pajamas, but I couldn't resist.

I opened up the package immediately after they arrived.  I wanted to wash them first before trying them on Eddie, but he was playing with them, so I came up with a different way for him to wear them that afternoon.


Kellys said...

So cute! I am sure they were worth every penny!

ron said...

This would have made the best Christmas Eve pajama gift for the family ever!