Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Part 1 or Snow . . . What Snow?!

This weekend we headed up to Duluth to celebrate Christmas with Uncas's family.  We left on Friday night which allowed us to help with Christmas donuts (one of my favorite traditions in his family) and eat them when they were really fresh and warm on Saturday morning! 

Eddie loves going to Grandma and Papa's because of the great big toy selection that Grandma has!  And there is also a big dog with very different fur that is fun to grab.
Playing blocks with Daddy

Aunt Abbie, Uncle Mike and Cousin Anna came over early afternoon.  Eddie and Anna ate Christmas donuts together - yum!
Eddie's first taste of a donut - he liked it!  A lot!

After donuts it was time to open stockings and presents.  Eddie got a little overwhelmed and spent most of the time on Papa's lap while his Mama and Daddy opened his presents.  He got lots of fun new toys and books!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  We were without internet, so we really didn't know about the blizzard of the century going on down in the Cities.  Up by us - there was not one flake of snow falling the whole day!  Eddie wore his new Christmas pajamas to bed.

This morning we got up early and headed home early.  The roads were mostly clear until we got close to Minneapolis.  Then we passed the deflated MetroDome (I should have taken a picture) and then we pulled up to our house!

It's hard to see, but Uncas had to get out and shovel a path to the side door, so it could open.  Then I was able to take Eddie and Sammy out of the car and into the house.  The snow at the bottom of the driveway was way past my knees!  It was crazy!!!  Poor Uncas had to shovel and shovel and this was with our neighbor coming and helping snow plow our driveway!
Eddie watching Daddy shovel the snow

I took this picture for reference - see how high the snow pile is behind Uncas?!

Eddie and Sammy by the drift by our front door!  Sammy had trouble seeing over it!
Overall it was a very fun weekend.  Our new car handled great on the roads.  We couldn't have picked a better time to get this new car.  I would have been very unsure driving the Honda.

One final story about the weekend.  One of my favorite parts of the weekend was actually being able to see Eddie sleep.  When we put him to bed or down for naps, we close his door and typically don't check on him at all.  We can hear him over the monitor and he's a noisy sleeper (always has been).  But this weekend we were in the same room as him.  There is something so peaceful and beautiful watching your baby sleep.  It was so cute and precious.  Normally he is constantly moving at all times, but to just see him calm and peaceful was such a beautiful thing!


Ella said...

What a fun weekend! Can't believe you didn't know anything about the crazy blizzard!!

Aw, isn't it sweet to watch them sleep?? I love it too :) They look like such peaceful little angels.

LisaD said...

Damn that is one cute kid! Love his sweater and especially his jammies! I think it is hilarious you didn't know about the snow! I was gonna text you about on Sat! And I am totally with you on watching your kid sleep. It truly is one of my day's most treasured moments. :)