Wednesday, November 17, 2010

8 Months!

It's already 8 months - I swear I just did the 7 month post.  Here's what's up for this month:
  • Eddie is a master crawler.  But it's not enough to crawl - he also pulls himself up on anything that he can find.  Some things are not very stable, but that doesn't stop him.  And sometimes he forgets to hold on once he is standing.
  • Along with the standing, he is learning to fall.  At first every time he fell, he would start to cry.  Now he is getting good at just getting back up or rolling over and getting back up.  He is also getting better balance, so he doesn't fall over quite as often.
  • Eddie and Sammy have become quite the playmates.  Eddie loves Sammy so much.  He knows Sammy's name and will look for him if we ask "Where's Sammy".  He knows all of Sammy's regular locations.  They play tug together and often Sammy will egg him on by plopping the toy right in front of Eddie.  Eddie's still not super gentle with Sammy all the time, but Sammy is very tolerant.  I am so glad that they get along so well.
  • Eddie is getting stronger and stronger.  I have the bruises to prove it.  It's difficult to change his diaper anywhere but the changing table, although he is learning to flip himself over in that now too!  And putting on his pajamas at night after a bath is exercise routine for Uncas and I.  I swear Eddie's limbs do not stop moving!
  • Eating-wise Eddie is up to 3 meals of solids a day.  He still takes the bottle about 5 times a day, plus a night time feeding.  We have yet to feed him something that he doesn't like.  He is working on his pincher grasp and does very well picking up Cheerios and puffs.
  • Sleep - it's hit or miss.  As I type this, he is taking a wonderful afternoon nap.  I was hoping they would be more consistent by this age, but they are not.  He still takes about 3 naps day and his bedtime is between 6:00-6:30.  The daylight savings ending was tough, but hopefully we are all getting more adjusted.
  • He still remains a very happy and curious baby.  This afternoon he was laughing and laughing - just because he was standing on the couch.  It was the cutest thing.
  • When it comes to playing with toys, Eddie would rather being exploring.  I've started giving him random things like a tape measure (not a metal one, but one you would measure your waist with), a straw (he loves it!), a make-up bag, and a spatula.  We are looking forward to Christmas, because hopefully he'll get some new, more age appropriate toys.  
  •  Some of his favorite "toys" are his books.  He loves playing with them and looking at them.  We read to him many times a day and he is very fascinated by them.
  • Yesterday I just noticed that two more teeth are popping through.  They are his two top front teeth!  
That's about all I can think of and I want to get this posted before he wakes up!  Here are some 8 month pictures:
 Below were the first attempts, but clearly it's getting harder and harder for him to sit still.  I had to give up and do the floor later.

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Ella said...

Haha, I like the last two pics - he's like, "I have no time for this, Ma!!!"